Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Trip to Dunkin Donuts

A Dunkin Donuts recently opened close to my house and I have been wanting to make a store stop during one of my rides for a while. Today I finally got the opportunity. Out for an easy spin I decided to stop in and grab a small coffee and a sprinkled donut. I must say the donut was delicious and Dunkin Donnuts has some great coffee. The caffeine made it very easy for me to get home. On the way home I passed 2 geese and their chicks. I stopped to take a picture and they got very irate. They started grunting and squawking and flapping their wings. I have never seen such a thing in my life. Tomorrow I head to Spartanburg to tackle another Speedweek Crit. Hopefully I have a good race. Also the semester is coming to end which means a ton of studying for me to do. Exams are next week for me then its time for summer vacation!

Very Delicious

You cant tell it here but they are very protective.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ring of Fire

So tonight was the start of the Ring of Fire. Its a great training race that happens every other Wednesday until about September. The "A" race which consists of Cat 1,2,3s is 60 laps. Every 5 laps is a sprint lap and points are awarded to the top 4 places during the sprint. The object of the race is to end up with the most points. Tonight Josh, David, and I would be tackling the Ring of Fire while some of the team would being doing the Speed Week crit down in Walterboro SC. I didn't feel that great but I did contribute to bringing some moves back and Josh did a great job of protecting David. David did his part and ended up getting 2nd. Good job Forkner.

Race Update

Since my last update I have been doing a lot of racing. I have had some good and some bad results and also have learned about racing with the big boys. I will list my results so far this year. The team is also doing great! Steve Sperry is the Masters 45+ SC state champion and Tyler Hawes is the Pro 1/2 SC state champion! Great job to you guys. Check out the team website Here.

5th Greenville Spring Series Fork Shoals
3rd, Winter's End Criteriums, Columbia, SC
6th, Winter's End Criteriums, Columbia, SC

8th, SC State Crit Championships - Charleston, SC

4th, Athens Twilight Pro am, Athens, Ga

Athens Twilight Finish

Hopefully I can get a win up there soon and get my cat 1 upgrade! The next month is going to be a ton of racing for me. I leave next week for Joe Martin; I have been training for that race all year so hopefully I can get something good out of it.

May 1st- Spartanburg Criterium (Speedweek)
May 2nd- Sunny King Criterium
May 3rd- Sandy Springs Criterium (Speedweek)
May 7th-10th - Joe Martin Stage Race

May 29th, 30th, 31st - Tulsa Tough

June 16-20 - tour of Ohio

Thats all for now,

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ready to race!

So the first race for me of the 2009 season will be on Saturday. It will be the Greenville Spring Series. This weekend the races will be at the Donaldson Center. I am excited to see how the team works together and to test out my fitness from the winter. I will post about the race after the weekend. I have also had my new bike for 2 weeks now and I must say it is awesome! I love it. I am going down to Greenville tomorrow to pick up an ibike. Pretty excited about that. On other notes school is going good; lots of work to do but not having a job makes it easy to handle. All I really do is go to school and work. Thats all for now


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Team Camp

So this past weekend was team camp. I rode down on Friday afternoon with David Forkner, and Josh Whitmore. We met the team at the Donaldson Center and went on a 2 hour team ride followed by dinner. On Saturday the team did the UWBL, which was 104 miles. There was a bad accident in the first 10 miles and it involved one of my teammates and also my coach Jim Cunningham. He ended up with a concussion and the doctor said no riding outside for 90 days. Get better soon Jim! After the ride on Saturday we met at Carolina Triathlon to have dinner and have sponsors talk to us. Sunday we had a delicious brunch at my teammate Paul Mills and his wife Carolines house. That was one awesome brunch. That was followed by a 2 hour team ride. I am really looking forward to this year and being part of such a great team and great teammates. We also got our team helmets, socks, and water bottles this weekend. Hopefully we will have our kits for the spring training series. The teams website is up, and you can visit it at It is still under construction but the sponsors and such are on there. My winter training is going great and I will be at the Greenville spring series to test out my form.

Josh driving the sag vehicle. Knee surgery had him out.

Making the paper

So today I went on a ride in the frigid cold. I was to do 3x20 min zone 3-4 intervals. I did them on Bearwallow as I usually do. On one of my cool downs I stopped and talked to a guy taking pictures. It turned out he was from the Hendersonville Times News. He sent me the pictures and he also posted a story on the internet.

Adam took this photo of me.
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